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Our Centers practice a holistic approach to health through various natural therapies, the practice of yoga, meditation, and vegetarian diet & detox. 

Our Concept is not only to assist you in your healing, but also to teach you a path unfolding life-long health.

Our History began with years of yoga-detox camps throughout East Asia. Eventually they led in 2005 to the opening of our first center in Cebu, Maharlika (Philippines). The finance for it was donated by over 1000 of the beneficiaries of our programs – a testimony in itself! This center not only treated & healed, but also in 2010 began serving as a naturopathy training center. The result was the gradual opening of a global network of centers and on-going programs – and thousands of lives changed for the better. And the network keeps on growing…


Our Approach

We understand your requirement and provide quality solutions.

AIMS at empowering you to 

1.    overcome your problems caused by excess fat, stress and disease;

2.    cure yourself by tackling the root cause of the disease;

3.    achieve mental relaxation and heightened consciousness;

4.    learn new healthy systems of eating, exercise, treatments, water-drinking and harmonious thought.

We provide you with a relaxing environment and practical tools to experience positive holistic transformation of body, mind and awareness – free of medicines with negative effects.

We offer a comprehensive natural therapy rejuvenation system even for those suffering from chronic diseases such as skin disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, arthritis, acidity, diseases affecting the internal organs, heart trouble, and others.

1. Water

As humans are constituted of 70% water, a deficit in water affects all organs and bodily functions.

Drinking during and immediately before/after meals also weakens digestion. Water plays an important role in your digestion and in eliminating toxins, and is crucial in the treatment of skin and many other diseases.

At our centers, you are taught how much water you need and it is adjusted to your evolving physical condition. You will also learn about when to drink and what to drink.

2. Fasting

Fasting enables your body to heal at the greatest possible speed, because it enables it to focus on elimination rather than digestion.

There are numerous graduated fasting systems. One can, for example, start with eating fruits and vegetables, then move on to raw foods only, and eventually juiced foods only, or even choose to fast only on lemon or coconut water.

Fasting is a great way to get back your health, your mental clarity and go deeper into your spiritual practices.

3. Food

We make every effort to ensure our food is tasty. Recipes and cooking systems are taught so you can easily continue with the diet at home.

This way you learn to prepare (or guide the one who is preparing) delicious, nutritious, easy-to-digest, affordable food that will change your health. The food is vegetarian and supports your holistic lifestyle including meditation.

Every meal consists of at least a main vegetable dish, a soup and a salad, with sauces and dressings — apart from breakfast which is fully raw.

4. Meditation

Meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

It clears the mind and allows peace and stillness within. When you meditate, you gently open to relaxing and quieting the mind, while experiencing being a body breathing in peace.

For most people, it is their greatest source of positivity and optimism – leading not only to peace and success, but also to a happy fulfilled life.

5. Exercise & Yoga postures


Cardiovascular exercise is important to promote good blood circulation, strengthen the heart and immune system, help to burn off excess calories, increase the lung capacity and many other benefits. It is an essential component of our treatment which is tailored according to your own condition.

Yoga postures

Asanas strengthen and stretch the muscle groups in your body, massage the internal organs, increase blood circulation as well as improve the flexibility and suppleness of your body. Each asana has its respective benefits based on its impact on the glands, and thus also on the plexii (chakras). Hence, as part of the treatment, personalized asanas are prescribed based on your physical and psychic needs.

6. Treatment & remedies

Your body is capable of healing itself. In our centres, we enable you to unleash your own inner natural healing power.

The treatments and remedies used in the centres have been widely tested and are proven useful. They are inexpensive, easily available and mostly doable even at your home. Diet, exercise and asanas are important components of the treatment. Stimulating treatments such as sun bath, mud pack, hot foot bath, steam bath and hip bath are among the systems used in most of our centres.

These treatments are helpful for improving the blood circulation and removal of toxin. One of our important treatments is colema (or otherwise enema), a colon irrigation technique in which toxins are removed from the colon, thus reducing your body’s toxic burden immediately.

Personalised prescription, advice including do’s and don’ts, often along with some simple herbal remedies are given based on your current condition to facilitate your body’s healing process.


Our Centers & programs

We encourage you to get in touch with your local centre, if you want to get in touch with our global coordinator, please email:
Healing Grace

Davao, Philippines

Living Total Wellness

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Annual 1-month Global Training 2023

Namaskar, after many years of giving the annual one-month training in Maharlika (Philippines), last year we shifted our venue for the training to ANANDA NAGAR, INDIA. (see the video of…

Detox & Strengthening Treatments

These are a few examples of the treatments that we offer in our centres and programmes.


Juicing enables the digestive system to rest from digestion, and instead concentrate on healing. The whole body then focuses on getting rid of toxins and cleaning the gastro-intestinal tract and the rest of the body. Juicing enables a tasty, sustainable fast that gives the body the time it needs to reset and heal.


Water treatments are varied and use cold to strengthen while stimulating the healing blood flow; and heat to disperse toxins or relax a stressed region. Water is used, for example, in the form of vapor for steam bath, ice for stress-relieving spinal bath, and liquid for hip bath or hot foot bath. These non-invasive treatments are highly effective.


Sunlight offers an excellent protection and healing for many types of conditions. The ultraviolet (UV) light in sunlight has many benefits including improving your body’s resistance to infections and enhancing energy, endurance and muscular strength. Prescription for systematic sun-bath is based on your condition – either localised, in which only the affected areas will be exposed for some duration, or generalised, in which the entire body is exposed to the sun for specific time durations. Short intervals of sun exposure are interspersed with water cooling or oil cooling.

Mud pack

Natural soil and clay possess curative properties. Prescription for mud packs is based on your condition. Like sun-treatments they are either localized or generalised. After the mud dries and is washed away, you will immediately and clearly feel the effect. Apart from its ability to remove toxins, it attracts healing blood, and wonderfully conditions the skin cells.



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I have multiple sclerosis, which of course is a very serious condition. My mother suffers greatly from MS, and one of my family members died from it. I stayed at AM Yoga Wellness Center  for 21 days. Most important result was that the numbness in my legs began to feel much less, I recovered some of their natural sensitivity. Of course, I am not cured, but still it’s a big deal for me, and sometimes I don’t even notice any problem in my legs at all. Yes, and I began to feel more energetic on both physical and mental levels. This is a great experience I will bring home and follow it on my own. Juice fasting is an absolute miracle. Thank you all!


Moscow, Russia



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