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Annual 1-month Global Training 2023


after many years of giving the annual one-month training in Maharlika (Philippines), last year we shifted our venue for the training to ANANDA NAGAR, INDIA. (see the video of the Naturopathy Center at the bottom of the page)

The result was wonderful. This was not only due to the excellent support of Ananda Nagar AMYN management team Nirainjan & Tapasudha plus staff, but also especially because of the blissful spiritual environment. Here you’ll experience:

  • Super high spiritual atmosphere
  • You’ll occasionally meditate in Tantra Piithas for immediate concentration – where yogis attained enlightenment (at Dadhichi Hill, Dakshina River, Dinosaur Fossil Hill & others – plus Baba’s house)
  • Perfectly peaceful place for healing – even air is pure
  • Medical & devotional workshops by Senior Dadas, Didis & Doctors
    Outings – multi-therapy clinic, medicinal garden, A.N. welfare projects
    Medical & educational camps in poor villages

My co-trainer will be Nirainjan of England, who has been the manager and medical in-charge of the Ananda Nagar center for 8 years.

Through this course you will join our active global network of graduates and trained staff, taking advantage of our on-going online and offline programs.

You will learn Baba’s medical teaching & our healing system which have enabled many thousands of people around the world to find real health by:

  • the practical & loving care of our therapists – nearly 200 graduates in over 20 countries
  • the simple easy-to-understand explanation of how
    the body works
    our healing system works
  • individualized application of our 6 steps:
    1. food
    2. fasting
    3. inner & outer exercise
    4. water drinking system
    5. physical therapies related to water, sun & mud
    6. spiritual & psycho-therapeutic practices
  • encouraging long-term lifestyle change according to need & capacity

Always looking forward with endless optimism,

Dada Dharmavedananda


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