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Annual 1-month Global Training 2023

- BASIC Level -

from Sept 21 to Oct 19, 2023


after many years of giving the annual one-month training in Maharlika (Philippines), last year we shifted our venue for the training to ANANDA NAGAR, INDIA. (see the video of the Naturopathy Center at the bottom of the page)

The result was wonderful. This was not only due to the excellent support of Ananda Nagar AMYN management team Nirainjan & Tapasudha plus staff, but also especially because of the blissful spiritual environment. Here you’ll experience:

  • Super high spiritual atmosphere
  • You’ll occasionally meditate in Tantra Piithas for immediate concentration – where yogis attained enlightenment (at Dadhichi Hill, Dakshina River, Dinosaur Fossil Hill & others – plus Baba’s house)
  • Perfectly peaceful place for healing – even air is pure
  • Medical & devotional workshops by Senior Dadas, Didis & Doctors
    Outings – multi-therapy clinic, medicinal garden, A.N. welfare projects
    Medical & educational camps in poor villages

My co-trainer will be Nirainjan of England, who has been the manager and medical in-charge of the Ananda Nagar center for 8 years.

Through this course you will join our active global network of graduates and trained staff, taking advantage of our on-going online and offline programs.

You will learn Baba’s medical teaching & our healing system which have enabled many thousands of people around the world to find real health by:

  • the practical & loving care of our therapists – nearly 200 graduates in over 20 countries
  • the simple easy-to-understand explanation of how
    the body works
    our healing system works
  • individualized application of our 6 steps:
    1. food
    2. fasting
    3. inner & outer exercise
    4. water drinking system
    5. physical therapies related to water, sun & mud
    6. spiritual & psycho-therapeutic practices
  • encouraging long-term lifestyle change according to need & capacity

Always looking forward with endless optimism,

Dada Dharmavedananda

Some Clarifications

On the successful completion of this 1 month theoretical and practical training, you will receive a ‘Diploma in Basic Natural Therapeutics’ certificate.  

Trainees need no previous medical experience, and need not make any commitment whether they will use the knowledge gained through the training to eventually begin a permanent program, or make short-term programs, or simply help themselves, their friends and family. Nevertheless, you may want to know —

If you will eventually want to open a permanent center, it is a 4-stage process: 

  • This Basic Level Training, which enables a graduate to progressively gain the capacity to offer the next 3 programs:
  • Weekend Yoga Detox Retreats;
  • Numerous longer Yoga Detox Retreats, e.g. 5 to 12-day programs;
  • Permanent Yoga Naturopathy Center


There are other long-term options possible besides aiming at opening a permanent center. For example, the aim may be:

  • A Yoga Naturopathy coaching program
  • An online Yoga Lifestyle program
  • An outpatient care center offering any combination of Yoga Naturopathy elements 
  • Join our regular global online detox programs as a coach


If you aim at any of the above programs, in the beginning if only one or two persons from your place complete this First Level Training, it is quite adequate to gradually build toward creating the team you need – with the help we are happy to give. 

Directly in the place you are working, we provide separate training to medical in-charges in diagnosis/prescription. Plus on-going training according to need in cooking, therapy and administration. Advanced training is usually given on a non-profit basis. 

Through this program, besides improving your own health on all levels and learning how to help others – your payment enables us to subsidize the cost of medical & education camps for the poor and treatment of local patients who otherwise would not be able to afford treatment. See last page for charges. Thank you in advance!

Training will be limited to 16 persons. So, if you are interested, it is better to let us know as soon as possible.


  • Arrive by: Wednesday, September 20th 
  • Course begins: Thursday, September 21st morning
  • Course graduation day: Thursday, October 19th 
  • Departure: Friday, October 20th 

Basic syllabus

Dietary Theory and Practice

  • Alkalinizing & Acid-forming Foods
  • Micro vs. Macro nutrients
  • Eating habits
  • Probiotic pickling, sprouting, peanut extract, rice and potato water,
  • Preparing healthy, tasty & nutritious raw & cooked food, sauces & chutneys.
  • Various stages of fasting
  • Juicing theory & practice

Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment

  • Yogic Treatments and Natural Remedies
  • Intro to consultation & prescription
  • Checking vital signs
  • Emergency cases, medicines, supplements, consulting doctors
  • The 5 types of medical systems

Theory, Philosophy, Vision, Networks

  • Ananda Marga Yoga-Naturopathy
  • Centers (AMYNC) special qualities
  • Visions & goals of AMYNC
  • AMYNC Natural Therapy Manual
  • AMYNC standard videos
  • Administration theory
  • The spiritual practices core of AMYNC
  • Global coordination

Daily Activities

  • 2 yoga asana sessions
  • 3 collective kiirtans & meditations
  • 3 sessions of treatment & cardio exercise
  • Theoretical and practical sessions
  • Independent study time & free time
  • Delicious meals (even while fruit/veggie fasting!)
  • Walks in nearby nature and local villages

Occasional Activities

Occasionally we will have free days or outings to nearby places of interest as mentioned on 1st page above (medical clinic, tantra piithas, projects, etc.)

Treatment Modalities and Guidelines

  • Naturopathy theory and guidelines
  • Treatment theory & practice: steambath, hipbath, hot packs & cold packs, hot footbath, colema, enema, spinal bath, mud packs (includes mud-making), systematic sunbaths, hydro-spa, infrared machine, cardio-vascular exercise of different types
  • Basics of Ayurveda and some simple but important remedies
  • Oil pulling, dry skin brushing and auxiliary habits
  • Outer & Auto-suggestion
  • Self-psychic healing

Meditation and Asana Theory and Practice

  • Theory of yoga, asanas, and meditation
  • Relevant aspects of 16 Points
  • Teacher training for meditation & asanas
  • Laughing yoga
  • Asana prescription system (for Dadas & Didis)


Note: For those with financial constraints, especially acaryas, discounts will be considered. Contact Dada Dharmavedananda with requests via WhatsApp +639154049321 or     

      Everyone in any case please inform if you prefer to use Revolut, bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.


Accommodations are simple, clean rooms with two or three twin beds, mostly with attached bathroom. Showers with cool water. Warm water available by bucket. Bed sheets, pillow, towels provided. Blanket available if needed.

Optional amenities include:

  • Special ‘Microvita medicines’
  • Outings: $2-3 for transportation if we need to rent extra vehicle (whatever real cost is)
  • Taxis and auto rickshaws are quite cheap
  • Simple liver detox is included in the price. But if one wants to do the complex detox then actual expense only is charged, which is about $20.
  • Wifi not provided. Data is cheap to buy if you want to use the internet. Jio sim is best.

Rate includes:

  • Meals & standard detox juices.
  • Personal consultations and personalized detox program
  • Some simple natural remedies and ayurvedic medicines
  • Daily treatments including all of our various water, mud and sun therapies. Also infrared machine treatment.
  • Accommodation with another trainee, 2 or 3 beds per room. Most rooms have attached bathroom.
  • Comprehensive digital handouts including:
  • AMYNC Natural Therapy Book
  • Class notes
  • Videos & reference materials
  • Certificate on completion of Course


  1. During this period, it can be 19 C. at night but 34 C. during the day. Good to bring a light jacket or jumper
  2. Comfortable clothes for yoga/exercise, sport shoes, sun-hat
  3. Old, light, easy-to-wash clothes for mud-packing
  4. Modest clothes for attending public DCs
  5. Personal laptop. If you have no laptop, at least bring a USB flash drive for downloading the digital files during & after training (Laptop is better if possible.)
  6. Toiletries
  7. Meditation shawl
  8. Personal Yoga mat or cushion (though we have mats if you prefer to use ours)
  9. 1-liter or larger water bottle
  10. Notebook and pens, or laptop for notes
  11. Non-native English speakers – bring dictionary (digital on laptop or app on phone is best)
  12. And… Your enthusiasm & desire to learn!


We will help you organize your travel within India.

Our center is located in Ananda Nagar, a 10 minute car journey from the small town of Pundag in West Bengal state. Its station code is PNW. Pundag is a 15-20 minutes train journey from Bokaro Steel City in the bordering state of Jharkand.

The nearest international airport to reach us is Kolkata – 5 hours by train to Bokaro.

Delhi airport is further — overnight train to Bokaro, OR take connecting flight Delhi to Ranchi, which is 2 hours by train to Bokaro. 

If you want to change dollars to rupees, best to get them in Kolkata or Delhi – where rates are better.

Ananda Nagar Yoga Naturopathy Center

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