Online Coached Fasting Course - September 21-25, 2021


Now you are enrolled in the  program.

We will be contacting you few days before September 15 , with the details of your coach and the first meeting.

Your first meeting with your coaching group will be on September 15th. In that meeting your exact detox program will be finalized so that you can know what food and materials to prepare before the actual detox begins on September 21st.

The program itself will run from 21 to 25 September 2021

Check your email box


Please check you email box to verify that you receive correctly the emails. 

If you do not find it, check it in the Promotional Inbox (if you have gmail) or write an email to Keshava: shivaburns@yahoo.com 


Feel free to contact us

For any problem, doubt or information feel free to contact us at:


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