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How to maintain energy during Fasting

How to maintain energy during fasting If you are worried that fasting is going to make you lose a lot of energy, you are not alone!   Fasting is an age-old technique practiced by different sects of people and is a prevalent practice in different religions. It can support the body to overcome illness and heal from within. One of its benefits is removing the excesses that are stuck in… Read More »How to maintain energy during Fasting

The Fast Way to Stay Young

At the Prama Wellness center, we have observed over the past seven plus years how people’s skin looks much healthier when fasting. We have also observed how many chronic conditions, such as acid reflux, IBS, or arthritis may reverse with prolonged fasting and subsequent lifestyle change.     In recent years, several studies have increased our scientific understanding of why this happens, why we both look and feel better when… Read More »The Fast Way to Stay Young

Benefits of Fasting

Benefits of Fasting Latest Discoveries on the Scientific Benefits of Fasting When we are not consuming food and giving the body a break from food, we can call it fasting. Cultural or religious fasting may prohibit any type of food or drink consumption and last one day or longer. Intermittent fasting may prohibit consuming food for upto 12 hours. A juice fast involves drinking juice for either one day or… Read More »Benefits of Fasting