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6 Elements of Natural Treatment to Avoid and Overcome Chronic Disease

1) Water Drinking

    Very few people drink in a healthy fashion. Healthy people need to drink 3 to 4 liters daily. Sick people need about 4 to 6 liters. The water should be drunk between meals. If it is taken near to mealtime then it will dilute one’s digestive juices.

    The therapist encourages, teaches and practices this healthy

system with the patient. Water will be even more effective if it     contains lemon juice.

    Herbal tea and coconut water are treated as water.

2) Food
    The foods that are most difficult to digest require the most digestive juices, and so they are highly acid-forming foods. These include eggs, meat, fish and deep-fried foods. These foods give more work to the body than assistance, and so should be minimized.

    On the other hand, alkaline food such as fresh fruits and vegetables are easily digestible and nutritionally dense food, with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fibre enables the digestive system to be effective and strong by improving the functioning of the gut      microbiome and facilitating movement of the intestines. Such good foods are simultaneously a source of both cleansing and easily accessible nutrition, so they should be proportionately maximized. Whole grains and legumes are also valuable, in somewhat smaller proportion.

3) Exercise

    Two types of exercise are both needed:

  • Yoga exercise is primarily for gently balancing the hormonal

secretions of the glands, strengthening the nerve system, dealing

with specific diseases, improving the circulatory and digestive    systems. Slow, deep breathing and deep relaxation are an integral part. It is best if the postures are prescribed individually. One daily set usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes to practice.


    2) Aerobic, cardio and power exercises are primarily for the    respiratory system, the heart, the digestive system, increasing strength of the muscular-skeletal system, and oxidizing the blood.

    Sweating is also very important as it frees the body from toxins. The therapist may help you to determine which exercise is best for you.

4) Graduated Fasting

    This is the most powerful and quickest method of healing.

    For a day, a few days or more, one abstains from all foods or at least from the more difficult-to-digest foods. Food is replaced by  appropriate liquids and juice. This frees the body’s attention from  digestion, and enables it to concentrate on healing. There are many intensity-levels of fasting, according to the capacity of the patient.

    Herbal-cleansing accelerates the process, causing the

colon to reject old encrusted toxic waste, so that it becomes free to absorb toxins from other parts of the body, and then eliminate those toxins.


5) Stimulation Treatments

    Physical therapies such as steam-bath, hot foot-bath,
cold hip-bath, hot packs, cold packs, mud packs & sunbath

stimulate an increased flow of healing blood to specific body parts and/or detoxing through sweat or sponge-like absorption.
    Internal Water-Cleanse, in the large colon by temporarily filling the colon or large intestine with water. These include colema and enema.

6) Meditation and Study of the Self

    Connecting with Supreme Consciousness, infinite peace and love is the central ideation of true healing. Stress is at the root of all problems. These techniques convert stress into positive, calm, healing energy. The best of these exercises enables the patient to expand one’s consciousness, manifest one’s potentials, and discover a new, fuller meaning in life.


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