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OGIC-2022 Pay Discounted Amount or Full Scholarship


Online Gradates' Intermediate Course 2022

A special Training for Graduates of 1 month Coach Training in Cebu

See here for Discounted Payment Options
using Partial Scholarship with Work Exchange
OR Full Scholarship with Work Exchange

Payment option via paypal system (good for credit cards too)

Please click on the button below and a new page will open.

Credit card payment option available. 

We suggest three options:

Payment options other than PayPal

 For payment options other than PayPal, please contact
       Keshava at

For Full Scholarship you can do Work Exchange of your time to help the NYT movement by doing  activities similar to the following:

* Coach or Assistant Coach

* Promote NYT in your local community or online communities.

* Followup with NYT students in your local or online communities.

* Help with Admin work to edit and create
email messages,  email forms,
Website (WordPress) pages and Blog Posts
Social Media posts and comments: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

* Help in Design work as a graphics artist to improve
promotion material (like flyers, posters, web pages,
email messages, social media posts, etc.)

* Help in Video work as a video camera person or video editor to improve
promotion material (like flyers, posters, web pages,email messages,
social media posts, etc)

* Contribute recipes and preparation techniques to the NYT students
*  Help in the kitchen  during a local fasting retreat

for Full Scholarship (no payment but Commit to Work Exchange)

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