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OGIC-2022 Work Exchange Commitment

Commit to Part-time Work Exchange
to Contribute to the NYT Movement

Online Graduates' Intermediate Course 2022

Online Coach Training Course - 1st Saturday of the Month
90 minutes duration for 6 months starting 7 May 2022

(Also for Assistant Coaches to  move up to being a full Coach or to improve their knowledge and skill in assisting the main  coach.)

You can do Part-time Work Exchange of your time to help
the NYT movement by doing any of the following:

* Coach or Assistant Coach

* Promote NYT in your local community or online communities.

* Followup with NYT students in your local community or online communities.

* Help with Admin work to edit and create text email messages,
email forms, Website (WordPress) pages and Blog Posts.

* Create or edit Social Media posts and comments: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc

* Help in Design work as a Graphics Artist to improve the visual design of 
promotion material (like flyers, posters, web pages, 
email messages, social media posts, etc.

* Contribute recipies and food preparation techniques to the NYT students

Help in the kitchen  during a local fasting retreat

* As a Voice Actor to record audio for people driving cars or
who have very weak eyesight.

* As an Audio Editor to improve the audio files created by voice actors.

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